Our Services

Security Audits and Surveys

This aspect of H.E. services deals with carrying out vulnerability assessments of private residences, business headquarters and critical infrastructure all around the country. H.E. also conducts penetration tests that measure efficiency of the security systems already in place. Detailed audit reports are presented to clients and include recommendations for mitigating the threats identified either in human resource or technical efficiencies.

Due Diligence

A key requirement for clients planning to do business in Pakistan with entities not known to them is Due Diligence. It is also one of our premier services and it involves doing a thorough check on a Company’s credentials and authenticity.

Travel Risk Assessment

As travel risks increase around an increasingly vulnerable world, interestingly so has the need for travel be it for business or personal leisure. Catering to the needs of our clients to be given protection or managed for risk, H.E. has introduced the Travel Risk Assessment service. The service enables us to ensure door-to-door protection and risk management by taking care of every possible detail when clients travel within the premises of Pakistan.

Travel Advisory and Incident Reports

Our 24/7-manned Crisis Management Control Centre is monitoring the situation all across the country and sending travel advisories and incident alerts round the clock. Furthermore a News brief is also sent out daily covering important security and political happenings.

Executive Protection Teams

Through our close protection officers, we offer bodyguard services, protective services, executive protection and VIP security services. The latter has proved to be invaluable when handling dignitaries and high profile officials. Trained to provide the highest level of security while maintaining a low profile, our Close Protection Officers prove invaluable to clients for their own protection as well as for the security of their loved ones and business associates when venturing into risk prone areas or situations.

Mobile Protection Teams

H.E. to protect personnel and property during movement provides Mobile Protection Teams. This service can be combined with executive transportation and secure escort services, providing protection between destinations to protect key assets. The teams are fully trained in defensive measures to meet any eventuality. Mobile Roving Teams comprised of fully trained security staff and drivers equipped with firearms, telecommunication equipment provided by the Company and are capable of reaching any point in their area of responsibility. These teams also keep a vigil on the premises where static services are provided within their area of responsibility.

Armoured Transportation

Armored Transportation service is provided by H.E. to protect the clients while travelling from one place to another, in order to make their move safe and secure by providing them with the Bullet Proof Vehicle. Moreover, a driver and an armed security guard accompany this particular service. This service is provided regardless of the distance covered by the client.

Access Control Teams

At H.E. utmost importance is given to the caliber of security guards hired. Sound educational background is mandatory. Verification of the security guards fromthe respective hometown police and special branch is a step prior to the enrollment. Furthermore, the credibility and the authenticity of the security guards to be hired are checked via NADRA (verisys). Their physical and psychological well-being is ensured with highly competitive compensation packages, team building exercises and regular health checks

Armed Guards

Equipped with the best of the weapons available, these guards are from the fighting arms of the military, which means they come to us with ample experience of weapon handling and training. All such guards are given rigorous training in weapon handling and fire practice.

Inner Perimeter Response Team

With a vast pool of Ex Special Services Group Individuals, we offer in house response teams to clients at highly sensitive installations. These guards are madeeligible to join the team after clearing high levels of firing tests and are equipped with both a short arm and a long arm weapon.

Quick Response Team

Our entire guard force is backed up with a response team in every city where we are operating. This team is equipped and trained as first medical responders and are capable of reaching places within shortest possible time spans. Our 24/7 Crisis Management Control Centre is not just the hub of our activities, but also monitors all external activities across the country that may impact client operations, sending incident alerts and daily security briefs to our client base.

Security Equipment

At H.E. we use the best of equipment, to include:
• Panic Alarm System
• Intrusion Alarm System
• Vehicle Tracking System
• Personal Tracking System
• Electronic Attendance System
• Metal Detectors/Gates
• Guard Tour System
Our Panic Alarm, Intrusion System is integrated with a central controller installed in our 24/7-manned Crisis Management Control Centre. An in-built security system which can be operated by clients, it reduces any chances of human error and provides client with complete peace of mind.